Important Shortcut Keys


Mouse shortcuts for Microsoft Word:

Double-click on text To select the complete word
Double-click on blank line Double-clicking on blank line make the alignment of the text from where you will double click mouse
Double-click after text anywhere Double-clicking after a text on a line set a tab stop
Click, hold and, drag To select desired texts, click on starting point hold it and drag pointer to the desired point
Triple-click Select the text line or paragraph of the text in which text mouse triple clicked
Ctrl + Mouse wheel To Zoom out and zoom in document

Shortcuts for moving around easily / quickly in Word:


Beginning of line


End of line

Ctrl + Home

Go to start of document

Ctrl + End

Go to end of document

Right Arrow

Right one character

Left Arrow

Left one character

Ctrl+Right Arrow

Right one word

Ctrl+Left Arrow

Left one word

Up Arrow

Up one line

Down Arrow

Down one line

Ctrl+Up Arrow

Up one paragraph

Ctrl+Down Arrow

Down one paragraph


Repeat last command

Ctrl + A

Select Whole Document

Most Common Keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcuts                         Descriptions
F1 Open help page
F4 To repeat the last performed action
F7 To check the spelling and grammar of the selected text
F12 Go to Save As
Shift + Enter To create a soft break instead of creating a new paragraph
Shift + Insert To paste content
Shift + Alt + D To insert the current date
Shift + Alt + T To insert the current time
Shift + F3 To change the text in MS-Word from uppercase to lowercase and lowercase to uppercase
Shift + F7 To activate the thesaurus check for selected word
Shift + F12 To save the current document.
Ctrl + A To select all contents of the page
Ctrl + C To copy selected text
Ctrl + V To paste content
Ctrl + B To make text bold or write text in bold format
Ctrl + I To italicize text or write text in italic format
Ctrl + D To open Font setting window
Ctrl + E To align the selected content to the center of the page
Ctrl + F To open Find or Navigation box in MS-Word
Ctrl + J To aligns the selected text to justify the screen (distribute text on screen evenly)
Ctrl + L To align the selected content to the left margin
Ctrl + R To align content with the right margin
Ctrl + K To insert hyperlink
Ctrl + M To indent the Paragraph
Ctrl + N Open new document window to create document
Ctrl + O It opens the “OPEN” dialog box to select and open the saved documents
Ctrl + 0 To toggles 6 points spacing before paragraph
Ctrl + P Open the print window to print the document
Ctrl + S Save the currently open document or unsaved documents
Ctrl + T To create a hanging indent in MS-word page
Ctrl + U To underline the selected texts
Ctrl + W To close the MS-word open document
Ctrl + X To cut the selected text
Ctrl + Y To Redo the last performed action
Ctrl + Z To undo the last performed action
Ctrl + ] To increase the font size
Ctrl + [ To decrease the font size
Ctrl + left arrow key To move pointer one word left
Ctrl + right arrow key To move pointer one word right
Ctrl + down arrow key To move end of the paragraph
Ctrl + up arrow key To move beginning of the paragraph
Ctrl + End To move the pointer to the end of the document
Ctrl + Del To delete the word which is right side of the cursor
Ctrl + Backspace To delete the word situated to left of cursor
Ctrl + Spacebar To reset the highlighted text to the default font
Ctrl + Home To move the pointer at the beginning of the document
Ctrl + F1 It open the task pane
Ctrl + F2 It is used to display the print preview
Ctrl + 1 For Single-space lines
Ctrl + 2 For Double-space lines
Ctrl + 5 1.5 line spacing in document
Ctrl + Shift + L To create a bullet point
Ctrl + Shift + F To change the font by open font window
Ctrl + Shift + > It increase the font size +1 points up to 12 and then it increase font size +2 points in one click
Ctrl + Shift + < It decrease the font size -1 points below 12 font size and then above 12 points it decrease font size -2 points in one click
Ctrl + / + c To insert a cent sign (¢)
Ctrl + “+<character> To insert a character with an accent mark
Ctrl + Shift + * To hide and view the non-printing characters
Alt + Ctrl + F2 To open new document (blank)
Ctrl + Alt + 1 To changes the text to heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 2 To change the text to heading 2
Ctrl + Alt + 3 To change the text to heading 3
Ctrl + Shift + F6 To switch between the MS-Word open document
Ctrl + Shift + F12 To print the current documents

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